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The Beast Inn

What is the Beast Inn?"

The answer to that question is rather involved. The Beast Inn is as much a concept as it is a place. It is as much one place as it is many places. I don't mean to sound coy. The term "The Beast" came from a name kids called me in eighth grade.

The Beast Inn is the name of a fort I built when I was young. It wasn't named that until I was called "The Beast". It was built in the attic over the garage. It had fifteen rooms and two floors. It had an intercom and a P.A. system over which a tape player, radio or television sound could be piped into the various rooms. It had wall-to-wall patchwork carpeting. Some rooms were known as the Lounge, the Main Office, the Beast's Bedroom, the Honeymoon Suite, the Cave, the Reading Room, Observation Room, the Back Lobby, and Cyndy's Shelf. The fort was dismantled over a sixteen week period by my father in the fall of 1981. He wanted his attic back and I was too old to have a fort. I was also away at college and unable to defend it

When I was a teenager, I owned a large H.O. train layout. Beast Inn was the name of the larger of the two towns. More detail about the history of this fictional city may be made available on the football team page some day. This is the home city for the Beast Inn Beasts football team. The train layout was dismantled by my father in the spring of 1983. He was planning to sell the house and he wanted his basement back. I was away at college and had not touched my trains in years. Someday I will probably build another train layout. It may not be as big but it will run better.

The Beast Inn Beasts is the name of an ultimate team that I organized and played for. My number was 76. We only played in one small tournament. We defeated "Raging Broccoli" in a best of three series for the championship. The Internet football team is named after this.

Beast Inn is the name this web page.


Who am I?

My name is Michael.

This is my picture. I still pretty much look like this except my hair is a lot more grey these days. You hopefully will not find it on the back of a milk carton or on America's Most Wanted. I also hope I don't find it on America's Least Wanted.

I live in Lake Carmel, New York in a house I am fixing up.

I am also known to some people as Captain D.A. Banaszak or Banaszak the Barbarian. Don't ask me why. It's a long story.

I am a Pisces.

I am 5'-8" tall and weigh about 228 lbs.

I like to play. If you need to ask what, think of something fun. That will most likely answer your question.

I like the Steelers, the Penguins and the Mets.

I like dinosaurs.

I like Front Page Sports Football

I like Star Fleet Battles

I like to do just about anything there is to do outdoors. However, I don't get out as much as I like.

I used to race model sailboats, mainly at Central Park. I was a national champion in 1978 for a class of boat called "Ten Raters". The name of the boat was Pennsylvania Railroad. I will tell war stories about that fall to anyone who will listen. You can also read about them here: My Ten Rater.

I don't like eggs. I do like Girl Scout Peanut Butter Cookies.

This is a picture of me from about 25 years ago. I am wearing a Halloween costume. I have not as of yet, been incarcerated.

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