J-Class boats are the largest class of model yachts recognized by the AMYA.


When I saw a J-boat for the very first time, didnít think much of it.I had seen A-Boats before and J-Boats seemed only a little bigger at first glance.It didnít occur to me just how big they really are until I saw one being put into the water.I watched two burly men carry one to the waterís edge like they were carrying a couch.After they lowered it over the side of the dock, the owner placed several 5-pound bags of lead shot in it for additional ballast.As I watched it sail away, I was thoroughly intimidated, but not by its speed.My concern was that if I got into a collision with one of those, it just might sink my boat.Later that day, one almost did.My boat is 65 inches long and weighs 18 pounds. J-Boats are about eight feet long and weigh between 65 and 90 pounds. Below is a picture of my 10 Rater superimposed on a picture of a J-Boat.

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