The Model Builder’s Models


These are the chronicles of my father’s model building hobbies as experienced through my eyes and recalled from my memory.  As I grew up I would sit in his workshop from time to time and watch him build his boats and airplanes.  He always answered my questions.  I would tag along when he went out to sail his boats or fly his airplanes. During the model yacht racing years, I went with him to the different races.  It was often my job to wade out into the water to launch and retrieve his boats at those parks that didn’t have a dock.  We established a tradition of stopping for ice cream after every race.  I began racing with him when I turned 15 and we developed a bit of a rivalry.  After I graduated high school, my weekend interests turned more towards sports and I didn’t race or tag along much.  When he retired and moved to Florida, I only visited about twice per year so the details of that time period are a little thin. 


Most of the time that I spent with him was during his boat building years so most of this is about boats. I only have one short section dedicated to airplanes but that in no way reflects the amount of involvement he had with that hobby.  Most of the pictures here were found in his workshop.  While most of the stories and facts are based on the recollection of my personal observations, it’s been backed up with a fair amount of research which consisted of looking at pictures, trophies, records, a variety of Internet web pages, and his folders packed with model building momentos, plans and notes.  It was among these folders that I found something to remind me that while he was an avid model builder, he was first and foremost, a Dad.


The Classic Scale Models


The Model Racing Yachts




The Mallard and the Swan






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