The Classic Scale Models


These are the scale models that the people in my family think of first when the topic of my father’s boat building is brought up.  He enjoyed building them and sailing them.  He also liked to show them off.  He entered his boats in a contest sponsored by a local model airplane club.  His work left the judges somewhat gap-jawed and he won several trophies in the years that he participated.  A few times a year we would pack up the car and drive to Central Park in New York City.  Why go to such effort, drive forty minutes away, fight city traffic just to sail a boat when there were plenty of ponds nearby?  There’s a lack of social contact with this aspect of model building. That may be why he took such a long time off.  In the summer of 1971, he thought briefly about getting back into flying and drove to the local model airplane club to inquire about joining.  They pretty much snubbed him and he thought it was because he was known to them as a boat guy.  Airplanes were off the menu for the remainder of the decade.  He became interested in model racing yachts after reading a few magazine articles.  In 1972 he built his first racing boat and didn’t build another scale model until 1979.  When he did go back to building scale models, he applied the skills he learned during the racing years to build boats in less time.  The ones he built after the long break looked nice but they lacked the extensive detail of his earlier work.

These are most of the scale boats he built during my lifetime.

The Fair American

The Galleon

The Challenge

The Rattlesnake

The Santa Maria

Miscellaneous other boats

Plain Sailboats


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